1. Baptism is every Sunday at 4:00 PM (depending on the availability of the Chaplain)

2. Baptism requirements:

    a. Photocopy of the birth certificate of the one to be baptized.

    b. Photocopy of the Libro de Familia

    c. Filled out Solicitud del Bautismo.

    d. Attendance in the pre-baptismal seminar.

3. Process:

   a. Get the Solicitud del Bautismo from the information desk (Nuestra Señora del Espino) every Sunday before the Mass at 5:00.

    b. Filled it out COMPLETELY and CLEARLY.    

    c. Submit the filled out solicitud and all the other requirements to the chaplain.

    d. If all the requirements are okay, attend the pre-baptismal seminar. 

4. Date of the Baptism:

    a. When choosing the date of baptism, bear in mind that you should have submitted and attended the pre baptismal seminar every last Saturday of the Month at 6:00 PM in Nuestra Señora del Espino. Example: All who wanted to have their baptism on the month of October, should submit and attend the pre  baptismal seminar on the last Saturday of September

5. Pre- Baptismal Seminar:

    a. it is a MUST that Parents, Ninong and Ninangs should attend the pre baptismal seminar. 


Thank you


1. Certificado literal de Nacimiento

2. Partida de Bautismo (with certification and seal from the diocese where the baptism happened)

3. Certificado de Estado Civil

4. Fotocopia del libro de Familia

5. Fotocopia del DNI y del Pasaporte

6. Certificado del (haber realizado) Preparacion al Matrimonio

7. Fotocopia del DNI de dos testigos.

8. All the requirements should be submitted at least 6 months before the wedding date.