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"Tayo ay isang sambayanang alagad na naglalayon na pag-ibayuhin ang pananampalataya at pagkakaisa sa pamamagitan ng pagdiriwang, paghuhubog, at sa patuloy na pagsasabuhay nito."

 The Capellanía Filipina in Madrid (hereinafter referred to as Tahanan) was created in 1986 under the aegis of the Archdiocese of Madrid and entrusted to the Congregation of the Divine Word to provide the Filipino Community in Madrid, especially the migrant community, with spiritual guidance and formation to facilitate their entry into Spain without losing touch with their roots.



The Tahanan Pastoral Council (hereinafter referred to as TPC) is a consultative and advisory body that advises and assists the Chaplain in the implementation of the chaplaincy’s pastoral plan and the continuing formation of all groups that share its mission and participate in its planned activities.

The TPC shall be presided over by the Chaplain.


Membership in the TPC will be (a) duly-elected or duly-designated representatives of each group, movement, and organization; (b) Coordinator and Secretary of each of the WESTY ministries; (c) heads of various sub-groups in each ministry; (d) various advisers designated by the Chaplain.

Membership in the TPC of religious and civic organizations is guided basically by two criteria:  (a) that the organization shall share the same values and vision of the chaplaincy; and, (b) consistently attend and participate in the meetings and activities of TAHANAN.



The TPC shall have the following built-in structures for effective implementation of the Chaplaincy’s Vision, Mission and Objectives.  These are:  The General Assembly, the Core Group, the WESTY Ministries and the councils of each group, movement or organization.

The General Assembly, composed of the Chaplain, the TPC and duly designated representatives as the case may be, meets annually.

The WESTY Ministries are composed of the officers elected by the group members or appointed by the Chaplain under the following:  Worship, Education, Service, Temporalities and Youth.  They are tasked to implement the programs of evangelization in their areas.  They are periodically required to give progress reports of their performance and are evaluated according to their objectives.

The Core Group is composed of the following:  (a) Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain; (b) the group of advisers; (c) the Coordinator and Secretary of each of the WESTY Ministries.

The councils of each group, movement or organization participate through their duly designated representatives.




Each WESTY Ministry shall have a Coordinator and a Secretary.

All officers shall hold office for two (2) years and can be reelected.  However, no officer shall hold office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.  The officers of the WESTY MINISTRIES shall tender their courtesy resignation upon assumption of the new chaplain.

When an officer is incapacitated or for other reasons may be incapable to function before the end of his or her term, the ministry/group, after consultation with the Chaplain, shall elect who shall fill the vacant position.[i]

The Pastoral Council may be dissolved by the Chaplain and subsequently the structures under it if it no longer functions as stated in this Constitution and By-Laws.



Integración Pastoral

  • Eucaristía todos los domingos, 17:00 (17:30 en verano)*

  • Charla pre-baustismal, 2do jueves y 4to sábados, 18:30*

  • Bautizos, todos los domingos, 16:00 (16:30 en verano)*

  • Encuentro de formación con los jóvenes, 4to sábados, 21:00 - 22:00

  • Formación para todos,1er domingo, 14:30*

  • Formación con distintos grupos y movimientos, todos los domingos, después de la misa*

  • Reunión del consejo pastoral, 1er sábados, 17:00 (17:30 en verano)*

  • Reunión de coordinadores y secretarios de los cinco ministerios (WESTY), 3er sábados, 19:00 (19:30 en verano)

  • Unción de los enfermos/visitas y velorios, según necesidad

  • Confesiones, antes de la misa

  • Velorios y responsos, según necesidad 

Integración Social

  • Clases de español, jueves y domingos, 18:00 - 19:30 (cuatro niveles)*

  • Charlas sobre integración y documentación, 4to domingos, 15:00 - 17:00*

  • Información y bolsa de trabajo, todos los domingos, antes y después de la misa*

* Actividades en la Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Espino